Why Us

How do you benefit with an EazyWebz Website?

Our rates are amongst the best out there
We know this because we looked for our own website and saw first hand how expensive it is to "get connected". Affordable websites are few and far between! We have done our best to make our  set-up fees and monthly hosting packages hard to beat while still offering a quality product. Best of all, we don't tie you down to any lengthy contract; You can suspend your website with immediate effect.

Get full control of the content of your own website
Content management systems are becoming more readily available than ever before, but they often come at a price and many have a lot of restrictions. Our sites can literally be built from scratch (another way to save big-time on the set-up fees). Add and remove pictures, text, files and links as often as you wish.
 ♦ Change the look and feel of your site
We have a number of "skins" or templates to choose from, and we will be adding to these on a regular basis.
 ♦ Get listed by the main search engines such as Google
We submit your website and site map to Google, which automatically updates when you add or remove pages from your site.
 ♦ Integrate with Google Maps
Automatically have your business' location in Google Maps displayed on your "Contact Us" page
 ♦ Benefit from Upgrades
As we include a new feature, you automatically get access to that feature. We have many ideas in mind to implement as we go along.
 ♦ Picture Galleries
Set up as many picture galleries as you need to display pictures from events, stock items, etc.